AuthBlock is a web3 authentication infrastructure company with a mission to onboard the next billion users to web3 by flattening the learning curve for both users and developers to adopt web3.
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Our development tools cover the major blockchain applications:

  • SSO User Authentication & Custodial Wallet Management
  • Smart Contract Deployment & Token Ownership Verification
  • On-Chain Data Analytics

Web3 products in the market are mostly focusing on blockchain experiences, which are innovative but not designed for the general public. From development perspective, there are legacy system concerns when a business is trying to adopt web3 components. Developers will usually take a complete rewrite approach to cater the business redirections. Besides, 90% of the general public are struggling with the concept of ‘wallet’, which is essential for completing any kind of blockchain interactions. It blocks the mass adoption for web3 features and hindered the business innovations web3 can bring to all users in the world. AuthBlock’s solutions are aiming to solve the problems of backward development compatibility and user experience.

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HKSTP IDEATION Programme (Cohort 22-10, 2022-2023)

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