Mind+ AI Ltd

Mind+ utilizes AI to assist in the detection of minor, early lesions of ophthalmological diseases in OCT scans, one of the most widely used diagnostic techniques, with high levels of accuracy.
發展階段|STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT: Ready to launch
團隊成員|Team Member(s):

袁武  生物醫學工程學系助理教授
鄭慶霖 崇基生物醫學工程本科生
李烯瀅  新亞酒店旅遊及房地產本科生
李彥熹  新亞內外全科醫學本科生
Tariq Abbasi 中大先進生物光子成像實驗室研究助理

• Automatic, high accuracy segmentation and classification of OCT images
• Processing and visualization of 3D OCT Angiography-Simulation volumes
• Classification of retinal diseases with confidence levels
• Quantification of the results of segmentation and classification
• Self-proposed deep learning backbone
• Support to be use on any kind of computers
• Support all brand of OCT machines in Hong Kong (update: 24/08/2023)


Vision+ addresses the challenges faced by ophthalmology clinics in Hong Kong. With a long waiting times for specialist appointments, timely diagnosis is crucial. Vision+ leverages advanced AI algorithms to assist in the detection of minor, early, and rare lesions in OCT scans. By uploading OCT images to our platform, ophthalmologists can receive instant assistance in distinguishing between diseased and non-pathological scans. This significantly prevente further damage to patients’ vision. Additionally, our system’s Segmentation and Classification components use AI to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of OCT diagnosis, alleviating the burden on ophthalmologists and optimizing the utilization of valuable human resources.

現時或曾經參與之創業培育計劃 | INCUBATION PROGRAMME:

1. CUHK VCCE Boot Camp 2023_Champion
2. CUHK PI Team (2023-2024)
3. HKSTP IDEATION (2023-2024)
4. JUMPSTARTER 2023 Global Pitch Competition_Top 100

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