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Shopify of NFT platform to help Web2.0 Market transforming to Web3.0 Market
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The Metaverse is growing progressively and NFT is an essential building block to this. The transition from Web2 to Web3 can provide over a hundred thousand business opportunities. However, the development of NFT, smart contract, blockchain infrastructure, payment compliance are complicated and cumbersome.

Our turnkey solution is the tech version of Shopify in E-commerce. NFT-as-a-service allows creators and industrial leaders to have their own NFT Launchpad in a faster, more cost effective way without the need for technical knowhow such as coding knowledge and security handling.


There are several no-coding services currently on the market like Opensea, Refinble, NFTify. Their business models, however, do not provide creators with differing initial NFT offerings with pre-sales rounds and public sales before entering 2nd market. Our R&D factory engine also provides personalized NFT collection smart contracts and supports fiat payment with integrated custodian service, making us pioneers in the market. We are accomplished in our field, with an extensive list of successful projects with famous clients such as 9gag, Asia Crypto Girls, comics legend Khoo Fuk Lung and more.

In the near future, we aim to expand our NaaS model to offer more themes like Sports, Arts, CarbonESG, Virtual Land & Property, Entertainment, Education and collaborations with different industry leaders and brands.

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