An interactive anatomy platform with real 3D scanned organs models to enhance medical education, making information more accessible, affordable and appreciable.
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巫栢謙 崇基內外全科醫學本科生
李宇軒 崇基計算機科學本科生
李烯瀅 新亞酒店旅遊及房地產本科生
陳施諾 聯合計算機科學本科生
陳逸寧 和聲生物醫學工程學本科生
趙朗謙 和聲人工智能: 系統與科技本科生

  • Scanning of organs
  • Notebook for note taking including blocks, tags, pins, pins filtering, cross-referencing
  • Real-time collaboration with professors and students
  • Access Control

Low accessibility of cadavers and specimens

Medical students may only have the chance to access cadavers during dissection sessions with the guidance of professors. During their revision, they may not access the cadavers and specimens, and may only refer to the paper notes.

Animated organ models in existing learning platforms

There are a few existing anatomy platforms in the market, namely 3d4medical, Acadicus, Anatomyka, etc. However, they share a common problem – non-realistic diagrams.

There is a growing demand for such a 3D platform since the existing quantity of cadavers is insufficient for teaching purposes, together with the prolonged pandemic which leads to many laboratory dissection lectures being canceled, hindering the efficiency of nurturing our future medical talents.

We have interviewed groups of CUHK medical students and professors about the challenges they experienced when learning and teaching anatomy and have compiled a list of potential issues that they are facing. First, the current learning platform that CUHK has purchased is providing learning schematic diagrams that are overly idealistic with clear colouring (i.e. blue represents nerves) only, causing difficulty when dealing with real specimens which are barely dark red. Second, the 2D graphics in textbooks only allow students to see a little portion of the body, making it hard to relate to the whole system and body structure.

Our Solution – GIMII

GIMII is an interactive 3D anatomy platform that aims to enhance the quality of medical education. GIMII will be the first platform in the market to provide users with real 3D organ models in high resolution that allows the collaboration of medical knowledge between learners and professors.

With the prolonged pandemic, online learning has drastically decreased the learning efficiency of students studying medical-related subjects. Existing learning platforms only provide users with nice and clean animated diagrams while neglecting the core focus of medical revisions- ‘realness’. In view of this, GIMII emphasized using realistic 3D scanned organ models to escalate the learning efficiency. Our platform will be more practical and have a higher level of engagement in learning. It will be more effective for students to resemble the microstructure of a natural organ or tissue.

In GIMII, we make information more accessible, affordable, and appreciable.

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  • CUHK PI (2021-2022)
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