Provectus Therapeutics

Provectus Therapeutics develops the Next Generation Drug Screening AI Platform to achieve in-depth tumor analysis, high throughput single cell drug screening and personalised treatment prediction
發展階段|STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT: Ready to launch
團隊成員|Team Member(s):

DINH Ngoc Duy 生物醫學工程學系助理教授 (研究)
孫汶鍵 22新亞生物醫學工程學
杜世誠 23聯合計算機科學

  • High Resolution Tumor Analysis (Single Cell Level)
  • Fast Result Outcome (within 2 days)
  • Big data from up to 10 million single cell
  • Analyse Tumor Heterogeneity & Phenotype Variability
  • Empower Precision Oncology Research & New Drug Development
  • Tailor Personalized Cancer Treatment

Over US$2.8 billion and 15 years have been spent on each drug development, but less than 1% of drug candidates get approved for cancer treatment.

Single-cell drug screening enables researchers and scientists to analyse tumor heterogeneity, pharmacogenomics, and hidden mechanisms in drug resistance, which are masked by conventional cell population studies and animal testing. This will provide unprecedented resolution for Precision Oncology Research, New Drug Development, and Personalized Treatment Prediction for all cancer patients.

現時或曾經參與之創業培育計劃 | INCUBATION PROGRAMME:

CUHK PI Team (2022-2023),

HKSTP IDEATION (2023-2024)

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